One Direction OTRA Tour Buttons - 1 Inch

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Always remember the date of your show with a 1 Inch Pinback Tour Button customized with your show date.

Simply select your city (or venue in some cases) and style from the drop down. 

Be sure to note the size - these are small pins! Perfect to wear on shirts, purses, backpacks, stick on refrigerators, pretty much anywhere! 

Can be ordered as a Pin, Magnet, Zipper Pull or Magnetic Button Bracelet, Magnetic Keychain or Necklace! 

Chain styles are available for the necklaces:

  • 18" Suede Cord 
  • 18" Rolo Chain
  • 24" Rolo Chain
  • 24" Ball Chain

Note: All magnetic bracelets, keychains, and necklaces come with the metal pinback so you can wear the button as a pin whenever you want!

Pregnant women should not wear magnetic jewelry.
Magnetic necklaces should not be worn by anyone with a pacemaker or electronic medical device as they could interfere with the performance of these devices.

Your purchase states that you have read this disclaimer and are aware of these warnings.

Thank you!