Kinda Into It Kiwi Hand-Stamped Necklace

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This choker-style necklace with hand stamped "Kinda into it" charm is perfect for long-time 1D fans or new fans to the world of Harry Styles.

If you are singing "Kiwi" all. the. time (like me) this stylish long wrap choker necklace might be something you'd love. This versatile piece gives you options. Wear it as a choker, or wrap it around your wrist - it's totally up to you.

Here are the details about this choker necklace:

• I hand stamp each order when I get it, so you know you're getting something that was made just for you! The charm is slightly domed, so it sits nicely on your neck, wrist, or ankle.

• The brushed aluminum hand stamped charm is on a 55-inch microsuede cord. (You can also select a longer length from the drop-down menu, which is great if you're not sure how much length you'll need because you can always trim it) You can let the ends hang loose, tie it in a knot, wrap it around your wrist, or tie the ends in a bow - whatever you feel like - you do you.

• The cord is threaded through the back of the charm (5th photo) so it won't flip around on you. The ends are tied and embellished with silver beads.

• The stamped charm is 1.1 inches wide and about .7 inches high. The 3rd photo shows the charm next to a quarter, so if you need the visual (I always do) there you go. The stamps I use for the letters are 1.5mm (small, but easily readable.)

The 55-inch length is great If you want to wrap this just once. If you want to wrap it around again, you might want the 70-inch option. You can always trim it if it's too long. Just select it from the drop-down menu.

If you have ANY questions or comments, contact me!

Thank you!