Niall Horan Necklace Custom Hand Stamped Tour Washer ft. your City

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Custom hand-stamped tour washer necklace for your Niall show featuring your city!

My design includes Niall's initials, the year of your show, and your show's city.

Ordering is easy! 

Simply select your city (be sure to select the city with the correct year!)  and chain style from the drop-down down menu. If your city isn't on the list, contact me and I'll add it.

A great way to remember your show - makes the perfect gift if you attended to shows with friends, too!

Your pendant comes on a 33" black cotton thread, or you can select from an 18" Rolo chain, 24" Rolo Chain, 24" ball chain, or 18" black suede cord when you order. Chains are Stainless Steel. 

This item is 100% made to order. I hand stamp, ink and polish each one as they are ordered. I do not keep these in stock anywhere. The pendant you receive is the one I have made specifically for you. This is what makes them personal and unique - kind of like the show experience itself!


-Hand-stamped so each one is unique, no two are alike.
-Size: a bit smaller than a quarter
-Color: silver

If the lettering ever starts to fade, just go over the letters with a black permanent marker and polish it with a polishing cloth.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact me!

Thank you!