Tips for Anyone Seeing Harry Styles Live On Tour

Posted by Katie Rose on

That's right, everybody, Harry is back in the US for the North American leg of the Harry Styles Live On Tour...Tour. 

Here are some tips for concert etiquette, even if you are a veteran concert goer. 


Once you are through the doors, Harry's concerts are truly a safe space for you to be whoever you are and to feel good about it! Harry has fans from 5 years old to 100 years old, and every single one of those people deserves to have the best night of their lives. Just because someone is older doesn't mean they are only there because they are someone's parent. Just because someone looks young doesn't mean they don't know ALL the words or aren't a true fan. Assume nothing. Operate under the belief that everyone there loves Harry as much as you do. Treat them that way. If someone is alone or seems uncomfortable, say hello! It's not easy going to shows alone sometimes. Imagine being an introvert and wanting to see Harry so badly that you're willing to go ALONE into a packed arena where you don't know anyone. That takes guts! And on the flip side, if you're one of those introverts out there who are venturing out alone to a show, it's time to break out a little bit. This is the time to take a chonce!

If anyone is mean or rude to ANYONE, it's up to the fans to not let that become the norm. No bullying. There is no room for anything but feelings of love and kindness at a Harry Styles show. If you think differently, why are you at a Harry Styles show? For two hours, everyone loves everyone. Everyone is the same age. Everyone get the chance to have the time of their lives. 

It's one thing to buy all the merch that says it, but it's another, much more important thing to actually live this mantra and put it into practice.


Some of the shows so far have been so amazing with people throwing flowers on stage and I think that's absolutely beautiful. But be aware of where you're throwing and who might get hit. It would kind of suck if someone took a flower stem in the eye. Ouch!


I know what it's like to go to a show and feel perfectly normal until the lights go down and suddenly Harry Styles is standing directly in front of you and in that moment your entire world changes and you are never the same. EVER. I also know how those emotions can cause you to do things you might not otherwise do. In my case I remember at one show being so annoyed by the person screaming non-stop for what seemed like 30 seconds straight and what felt like directly in my ear UNTIL I REALIZED THE PERSON SCREAMING WAS ME.  I didn't even know I could scream like that. If I didn't have video of it, I wouldn't believe it had happened. Everyone around me was screaming too, but it snapped me back to thinking about other people. I wasn't the only one there. Believe me, I screamed A LOT and LOUDLY all night, but I also took the time to keep checking on the little girl behind me to make sure she could see, and to offer some parents (and kids, too!) sitting near us ear plugs, (I have been to a lot of concerts, and I'm always prepared for anything) and handing out glow sticks and extra copies of the fan project to people in my section who didn't have them.  I am a total introvert, but when I go to shows, it's like I'm set free to be me. At one show I was dubbed "The Glow Stick Fairy" by the people in my section. I cried, I was so touched. 


Believe me, there will be so many posts online from people who were there. Take some video, snap some pics if you want, but don't feel obligated to document the entire experience (unless you want to!) Are there thousands of fans who want live streams? Of course! But if this is your one show, don't spend it feeling the pressure of getting footage to people who aren't there. Like I said, there will be so many pictures and videos from so many people. And the real experience, as corny as it might sound, is what you experience in your heart. So take it all in. Remember what the air smells like, how the crowd sounds singing/crying along to "If I Could Fly," feel the floor shake under your feet during "Medicine." Take in what it feels like to experience the magic of hearing the music you love along with 10 to 20 thousand other fans who actually know and understand where you're coming from. They feel the same way.   


It's tempting to not drink any water because you don't want to have to go to the bathroom. I get that. But it's far worse to pass out from dehydration just as the curtain is lifting and the last thing you see are Harry's shoes because you're being carried away by security. I've seen this happen so many times and it's so sad. You've waited so long to see your fave live in front of your face, and you forget to drink or eat anything and you end up literally on your face on the floor.


Harry believes in this so much he made is a lyric in "Sign of the Times." Harry Styles truly believes that while you are at his show, you can and should be whoever you are or whoever you want to be. This is just one of the many reasons to love him, but it's the one that makes me cry whenever he says it. Enjoy every moment as it's happening. Don't hold back your emotions. If you feel like crying, let the tears flow. If you don't want to sing along because that's not your thing, that's ok! You do you. 

So basically it comes down to these things:

  • Be Kind.
  • Eat Food.
  • Drink Water.
  • Have Fun.

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